A Bullish Case for Facebook

At Fire Source Media we see a bright future for the social media giant. As Facebook continues to grow we believe there are some things to consider on a macro level that separate it from its competition. Consider this... Skeptics of Facebook’s business model first pointed to their inability to ‘monetize mobile’, that was until [...]

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Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

Is Facebook advertising worth the time and investment? This is a great question and one we hear often. As with anything there are positives and negatives but before you get started with Facebook advertising you need to define your objective. Do you want a larger audience for your posts? Are you trying to drive traffic [...]

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2012 Year in Review

2012 was our first year in business and it was one of great growth. We were called on by The Richards Group, a premiere national ad agency located in Dallas, to develop a site for the Heart of Dallas Bowl. It was a great opportunity and a great cause as the benefits of the new [...]