At Fire Source Media we meet with small business owners on a regular basis. The most demanding clients are often the ones with the tightest marketing budget. This makes sense and we are happy to help them grow their business online even with a small budget. Here are some steps we recommend in order to position your small business for success online.

Do you have a strategy?

If you don’t have a goal you will hit it every time. Running a small business is a difficult proposition. You are juggling multiple roles that are typically run by many individuals in a larger company. You have to be organized and focused. You need a plan. Seek a marketing consultant out and put together a plan of attack.

Do you try to do everything yourself?

If you attempt to do everything you will do nothing well. Find someone that is a marketing professional that will at least give your company an overall analysis. Don’t be bullheaded, you don’t know everything. Be a learner and most importantly outsource what you don’t do well or don’t have the time to focus on.

Marketing is an investment.

Be patient. Many of our small business clients will put a little bit of money in and expect immediate results. If that worked everyone would be in business for themselves! It takes time to build a good online system and to create brand equity. People are as stubborn as you are, so you have to tell them repeatedly about your product before they will engage. Be persistent.

Be mobile.

The future of online usage is mobile based. Actually, forget the future… today the majority of internet usage is mobile based. We can not stress this enough… if you do not have a mobile site you will lose customers. Find a good developer that includes this in their website package.

Be social.

An empty social media page is worse than not having one. If you are on Facebook and Twitter you need to use it. It is better to not have a page than to have one where 7 friends like it and there is tumble weed blowing across the screen. Easier said than done I know, but even as a small business owner you need to leverage social media to grow your business. Get started and seek out best practices to increase your reach.

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics

Read and understand what’s going on. You need to learn your website’s analytics tool. Learn how, where and why people are visiting your website. This will give you clues into where you need to position your company online and how you can increase traffic. A little hint, Google PPC isn’t always the right answer. Find ways to increase traffic without pulling out the credit card.

Have fun.

You got into business because you believed in your service or product. Produce the best possible product and have fun marketing it. The more fun you have the more fun people will have. They will gravitate to what makes them feel good. Bless the world with your business.


We hope you find these insights helpful. For more information about Fire Source Media and how we can help your business visit or email us at