Expensive doesn’t mean better. The same goes for custom.

In today’s world of crowd-sourcing and freelancing there just simply isn’t the need for small to mid-size businesses to spend a lot of money on marketing. You can create a great web presence and strong brand with a modest budget.

Master’s Men was our first client so when it came time to update their website we looked at updating their entire platform. They needed web development, a new online donations platform and an online storefront.

The previous Master’s Men site looked great although it lacked a lot of necessary functionality required for today’s mobile driven world. It was all non-mobile, custom development. Rather than looking to replace it with these high priced options we looked to outsource certain functionalities for better performance. This would include WordPress, Clover Donations and Shopify.

Overall we put together a package that increased efficiency and set them up to scale their donor base quickly. We carried this same basic functionality over to their affiliate sites.


Parts of the original design were kept so the site would stay familiar to their existing donor base. Since a design for desktop already existed, only wireframes for tablets and mobile devices were mocked up. Once design was finished, development began.


The new site was coded with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 as well as clean PHP and minimal Javascript to keep load times as fast as possible. WordPress was chosen as the CMS and custom taxonomies were created for their online video and event sections. Proper usage of media queries were implemented to create a responsive solution so that the site could be viewed on all devices. The site is also retina-ready as well as cross browser compatible.


Shopify was chosen for the new e-commerce platform. A Shopify account was created, a custom theme was implemented and their latest products were cataloged. Then from the Master’s Men menu a link to Shopify was placed. From there, customers can purchase books and study guides while appropriate notifications are emailed to the customer and administrator.


Clover was chosen for the new donations platform. This gave Master’s Men the cleanest reporting solution. Master’s Men can now login monthly and export necessary documentation for accounting purposes. Donors now have an improved platform to manage their own account alleviating Master’s Men from administrative time and expense.


All in all, we kept the original look while improving overall performance. Outsourcing both online donations and the storefront allows efficiency by using existing systems. It also relieves the organization of any SSL issues and places the code compliance for online security on Shopify and Clover Donations. This decreased liability while increasing functionality. Overall the quality of the visitor and donor experience has increased which has resulted in increased donor participation online.

You can view the results here: mastersmen.com